The school also has a computer room complete with work benches, machines. Computers  for children have been thoroughly impressed by their level of organisation and its design at Triza Junior Academy. Every aspect of each lesson has been meticulously planned. Careful attention is paid to content. Simply adhering to the given guidelines makes out task so much easier, since all the groundwork is already laid.

We have typing programs which are major asset, because so often pupils lack typing skills and this is a fun way to learn typing  and keyboard skills. We are have palns of installing internet to the school which will help the children accsess information



Triza Junior School Triza Junior School is situated in a quiet, secure and serene environment in Buxton area, Mombasa. It is located in a place …

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The School management

The schools have motivated, highly innovative, creative and dedicated management staff to run the school systems …

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