The School management

The schools have motivated, highly innovative, creative and dedicated management staff to run the school systems effectively and efficiently. The management staff have diversified professional background in different fields which has given them an edge in business management, especially in school management. We have a superb human resource management system in place to ensure that we remain fully- focused towards our goals. With enthusiasm, we have no doubt that as a firm, we shall be a beacon of hope and faith to all those who would like to take a ride towards excellence. Our dream is to produce learners who will be the envy of all owing to their academic prowess, spiritual well-being, mental uprightness coupled with physical fitness.


The school also has a computer room complete with work benches, machines. Computers  for children have been thoroughly impressed by their …

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Triza Junior School Triza Junior School is situated in a quiet, secure and serene environment in Buxton area, Mombasa. It is located in a place …

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